Andreas Klamm Sabaot (English)

Andreas Klamm Sabaot as known as Andreas Klamm and Andreas Klamm Sabaot is born on February 6, 1968 in the city of Ludwigshafen am Rhein in Germany. He is a descendant of a Tunisian-French and Germany family. Since 1984 Andreas Klamm Sabaot is working as a journalist, reporter, correspondent, TV Producer, Radio Producer, Media Producer, artist, host and presenter on local Public TV and for Radio TV IBS Liberty which has been founded in 1986. He is author of 11 books. He wrote and published his books in the English and German language. Andreas Klamm Sabaot presented the first TV shows and Radio programs when he was 16 years of age on local Cable TV in Germany.


Andreas Klamm Sabaot became a victim of three serious accidents. Since 1998 he is disabled and his health conditions are serious. He produces his music in a wheel chair. He is able to play the keyboard and is active as keyboardist.


For Radio IBS TV Liberty he has produced since 1986 1000 TV Programs and 1000 Radio Programs. Some of his TV Productions and Radio Productions Andreas Klamm Sabaot presents on his You Tube Channel (


The artist has founded some companies in Germany and in the United Kingdom and is working both in the United Kingdom and in Germany. He is also the founder, managing director and editor in chief of 12 non-profit organizations, such as British Newsflash Magazine, Radio TV IBS Liberty, IBS TV Liberty, IBS Independent Broadcasting Service Liberty, Liberty and Peace NOW! Human Rights Reporters, ISMOT International Social and Medical Outreach Team, irsc global International Refugee Support Community, bragersonet Brazilian German Solidarity Network and other associations

In January 2016 he has launched his additional career as musician, music producer, singer, song writer and composer. In February 2016 he has released 24 singles and three music albums. He is the composer, song writer, singer, author, music producer, Music video producer of his music productions. More information are available on .

The genre of his music productions are Alternative, Electronic, Pop, R&N, Rock, Alternative Rock, Jazz and Classical music.

The main motto for the Music productions of Andreas Klamm Sabaot is called “Music without borders to enjoy and to celebrate”.


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