Thousands of Travelers In Need – Volunteers needed

April 17, 2010

Airport Mission

Thousands of Travelers in Need – Volunteers needed

Dear Sir !
Dear Madam !
Dear All !

Because of the volcanic ash cloud thousands of travelers are in special circumstances of life.

We, John Baptist Mission of Togo, Branch for Germany and Branch for the
United Kingdom have launched a special service for traveling people around the world:

We want to think about it, if you want to help people with brief situation on different airports (1 or 2 sentences), worldwide.

It will be some work for something GOOD. However it will be not too much work, if many people as volunteers will participate. To write 1 or 2 sentence with some brief information should be not too difficult to all of those people which are able to read and to write. .

Perhaps you know other people which are willing to help.

This is a VOLUNTEER help, aid and relief service. All supporters and people which want to help other people in need are welcome.

Please write to or

You will than receive an INVITATION for REGISTRATION by our international news system.

Thank you.

PLEASE PRAY also for those which are in NEED !

Kind regards,

Andreas Klamm Sabaot, Journalist, managing director

John Baptist Mission of Togo
Branch for the United Kingdom
Branch for Germany

Liberty and Peace NOW! Human Rights Reporters,

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